Wednesday 18 November 2009

Wednesday - a day working on presentations

Another thing I did yesterday that I forgot - I saw actual monkeys, sitting in tree branches, grooming each other. Unfortunately I saw these monkeys from the coach window and we were past them before I could grab my camera, but I have a great mind snapshot that will stay with me, I think.

I am not loving how this eeepc randomly gives me font change options sometimes but not others. This really messes with the theme of my blog in a way that my slightly ASD mind cannot cope with. Like in Geology last week where I left my purple pen on my desk after doing my homework and thus had to do the classwork in my other purple pen, which is not quite the same purple. It upset me, I won't lie to you. (I just figured out that the option wasn't available because I was in Edit HTML mode. I feel a little foolish).

I suffer for my art in more ways than one: I have an enormous swollen red patch on my leg where I got noshed by an opportunistic mosquito last night whilst updating, and another, slightly smaller bite on my arm. Luckily I bought hydrocortisone cream with me, which is truly a marvellous product. But then I got locked out last night because it took so long to update both this blog and the work one, so I had to stumble around the building in the dark banging on windows until I could attract C's attention.

I still cannot get any pictures to upload, even from the IT lab. I managed one, see below, but that took ages and I didn't have the time to sit around and wait for the rest, so they will have to wait until next week. I have managed to make a video of the frogs mooing - though it's useful for the sound only. Luckily I didn't actually see any of the frogs, or I probably would have dropped my camera down a drain in horror. The snails are double the size of British snails so I dread to think how big the frogs are.

We've been working in college today, on the presentations and preparing for tonight's cultural performance, which includes the Ross/Monica NYE dance from Friends and a Soliloquy Race. Should be entertaining. Off to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow for some shopping and lectures from the school's sponsor and HSBC. I am focusing on the shopping, which will be my reward for sitting through the leadership seminars. I think it's too late for me to attend seminars about being a good leader, but when I suggested I might slope off and meet an old school friend for lunch, C's face got a bit crinkled up so I had to quickly say I'd of course much prefer to represent my school at the bank. Le sigh. I suppose it is officially a school day.

Speaking of which - had better go and update the other place now. Enjoy the picture - a yellow flower at the tea plantation.

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