Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I Have Done Today

1. Visited the Cameron Highlands
2. Eaten a scone and jam in a very British manner
3. Trekked through some jungle
4. Fallen on my behind and skidded halfway down the path, thus making it muddy and slick for everybody who came after, ha ha ha.
5. Been round the Boh tea plantation, seen tea being processed and drunk some orange pekoe tea on the terrace, with a slice of chocolate cake, natch
6. Bought Teresa's tea and even taken a picture of a small, blue house I found on the plantation (though not THE blue house from the picture she posted last week)
7. Marvelled at the lovely weather and been thankful that the rain held off and it was cool for walking in the jungle
8. Watched part of the Battle of the Bands, until one band butchered Mr Brightside and It's My Life by Bon Jovi in one set and I could take no more
9. Unsuccessfully tried to upload pictures here, and Flickr - you'll have to wait a bit longer
10. Got chewed by mosquitoes because the only place I could get the wireless to work was outside in the quad and it's around 11pm. I am going in now, links and pictures tomorrow hopefully.

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