Saturday 7 November 2009

Charity shopping

This time in one week, I'll be at Heathrow. Hopefully eating a burger. I am wondering whether to take Benny the Bison or not. I don't think bison are native to Malaysia but I expect he'd fit in. He didn't get much of a look in during our America trip this year.

Anyway. Super long week this week, I was so tired by yesterday, and then I had to do a 4 hour meeting about Malaysia after school, which made me realise I didn't have a great deal of suitable clothing. My summer wardrobe is almost all sleeveless, and there's not much in the shops at the moment, predictably.

So I when a lady at knitting group today mentioned charity shops I thought I'd hit up the ones up the 'wood, and how pleased am I that I did! I got 4 tops for under a tenner, all with sleeves. One is brand new with tags, £8 but cost £1.50. Bargain. Last week, I got a brand new jewellery box, which I know is from John Lewis because Mother Hand bought me the a knitting needle case and knitting bag in the same print for my birthday, for £1.80. I must make more of an effort to go in.

It doesn't even matter too much that one of the tops isn't really my style - it's green, for a start, and a bit ... mature. But I can wear it for the holiday and then wash it and donate it back! It's like a clothes library.

I liked it, by the way, when the presenter of Have I Gots News For You this week said that Britain's favourite charity was the banking system.

I have nearly finished my Candy cardigan. It has become the Cardigan That Ate Yarn, as Mary (from knitting group) predicted it would. I am hoping it will be finished by the end of the weekend, but I have a gigantic pile of work to do tomorrow. Le sigh.

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