Wednesday 4 November 2009

New toys

I can't believe that, in my leisure time list, I forgot to mention two new toys I have recently acquired, which were kind of the reason for writing the list in the first place!

Firstly, and tres exciting - Mr Z bought me a DSi! I was looking back over my Tuesday Tens yesterday and saw that I did a list of material wants in the spring, and a DSi was on it. Well, I am very picky and I didn't want a black or white one, so when the new colours came out Mr Z leapt at the opportunity to order me a metallic blue one, and I was presented with it as a very early Christmas present last week (so that I can take it to Malaysia). It's so cool! I've got Brain Training for it which can turn into a real time suck, and I also like that it has wireless on it - so last week when I was baking that cheesecake I had the recipe up on it so I could keep it in the kitchen. Good times. I went and bought Zoo Tycoon for it on Friday and I can't wait until I'm sitting on that plane so I finally get some time to have a go at it.

(Ten days to go, by the way).

While I was buying Zoo Tycoon I also splashed out on the other new toy - Wii Fit Plus. We already had Wii Fit, but when I saw the Plus in the games shop I couldn't pass it up. It is also a lot of fun. I think the functionality is better: I especially appreciate being able to queue up activities so I don't have to keep going back to the menu screen, because I'm terribly indecisive and can never choose what I want to do. I also like using the pre-organised routines because it's reminded me about activities I never do. I am sort of addicted to the hula hoop and the rhythm boxing and tend to stick to those, or the free step while I'm watching random TV.

We're finally having some proper weather here. It's been extremely rainy for the past two days and today it is properly cold, too. This has unfortunately coincided with me noticing my winter coat is extremely grubby and needs a wash; and even worse, it is machine washable but cannot be tumble dried. I think when I finally wash it it will end up being out of service for three days while it is drying. I probably should have washed it before I put it away for the summer.

I got some of my new tutor group into trouble today. We were stood outside having a fire drill and I was teasing them into being quiet, as is my wont (going in with an older tutor group means I have to be a bit softly softly). One of the girls had terrible hiccoughs which was making her friends laugh. So, I waited til it was all quiet and yelled, "BOO!" at her and she properly jumped, and her friends burst out laughing....and then the head of year came over and told them off. I had to walk away so he didn't see me laughing. So I might be in the doghouse with them a bit now!

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