Thursday 12 November 2009

Pretty pleased with myself today

I said I would stay in school today until I finished setting my 26 lessons of cover, and when I came home I only had one normal cover left to do (and six 6th form lessons, which is a different kettle of fish and nowhere near as difficult). I felt pleased but a little sad that I would have to do it tomorrow instead. So when I opened MyDocs on my home computer and saw a file called "---insertmissingcoverlessontopichere--- cover lesson" I actually squealed with delight. It turns out, I had to set the same lesson for cover last year, when I went on the Prague trip.

COVER IS DONE! Bring on the packing.

I think I have enough suitable clothing now, thanks to the arrival of a couple of new lovelies from Boden today. They were in the sale and I got two for less than the original cost of one, and they're very ladylike and come with a slip - I have never worn a slip before, but at the age of 31 I think it might be time to consider it. I got one in pink, like this, and a pale blue one, which looks like a cross between a nurse's dress and a nightie, but will look fine with the right belt.

So, now I have 4 summer dresses that cover my shoulders, reach to my knees and aren't too low cut (and one other which might not pass the low cut test, but might be OK with my new Oliver Bonas
cherry brooch - colours even nicer than in this picture);
two skirts that reach to the knee and one of education length (reaches the floor); one pair of very unflattering cargo trousers (ugh, so not me - but will be good for jungle trekking) and five tops with sleeves. Now all I am concerned about is what might count as smart shoes. I was only going to take flip flops and walking boots, but perhaps neither will be smart enough for the meeting at the bank. I wonder if my Birkis would be OK?

I am also hoping to sew the hooks and eyes
onto the cotton top I knitted for the summer holiday, since it is my only suitable knitted top and it currently doesn't have any fastenings. But, time may be against me. I wonder if my beautician will mind if I do it while she does my pedicure on Saturday?

I should not have gone to the Oliver Bonas site to find that picture. I now have three pieces of jewellery in my basket. Must. Resist.

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