Friday 27 November 2009

Fave Friday

Five Random Faves of the Moment

1. Kelly's hat on DWTS
It's a big slouchy beret with a buckled leather strap. Here's a handy screenshot -

As I suspected, by the time I cottoned onto this beauty there was already a thread or two about it on Ravelry, and somebody managed to track down the source - the hats are made by Galadriel Mattei out of recycled cashmere sweaters and watch straps. They also cost $160. I have a better idea....and it involves those blue art deco buckles I bought last month.

(Incidentally, I have been adoring DWTS this season. It's not quite the same as Strictly, but it's a very fun, with the little skits, and Bruno is positively rabid. I am watching the finale now, having managed to avoid spoilers all week - which is why googling for Kelly's hat was the closest I got to living on the edge today. I loved Kelly's Balmain-shouldered showdance outfit, and electrowatt grin, Donny's showdance, and Mya's paso. And great music choices. Still, Shawn Johnson's cha cha from last season is my favourite DWTS dance ever.)

2. Random History Facts Which May Not Be True
Like, members of Mussolini's nickname was the Phenomenal Rabbit (this is out of a textbook, so hopefully true). And Saddam Hussein made it law that everybody had to make a cake on his birthday (I cannot find any evidence to substantiate this but I wish it to be true - evil dictator forces cake on everyone).

3. Wispa Gold
I hope it's back for good. Delicious.

4. Make-do-and-mend cooking
I made a banana and chocolate cake for work today, using the 4 brown bananas leftover from before my trip, and the leftover chocolate coins from the Murder Mystery in March. I haven't shopped for so long that we've almost completely run out of fresh food, so it's been some interesting eating lately.

(DWTS update: I can't believe Karrieann just broke down when she was talking to Kelly Osborne. It has made me well up! I don't think Kelly is going to win but she has been marvellously entertaining. And I bet they had to take that dress in a lot from the first week.)

5. Duvet Duck Slippers
I am not a slipper-wearer but I bought a pair of these a couple of years ago and they're so snug and warm, I couldn't resist buying another pair this winter, since the old pair were leaving feathers all over the house, thanks to a sizeable rip in the bottom. The new pair are even better because they are turquoise, with fluffy clouds all over, and they have a furry lining. Yum.
(Though, I bought mine on ebay and now I've found this link to them I wish I'd gone for the black pair - they wouldn't get grubby as quickly).

Half an hour of DWTS left. Who will prevail? And tomorrow on Strictly - two new dances! And a group dance! Tres jolie.
(Poor Mr Z. Even the Simpsons this evening had ballroom dancing on it......and one of my favourite ever Simpsons quote, "Giving people equal parts when they're clearly not equal is called what, children? Communism!")

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