Sunday 8 November 2009

A daily post....

...seems a surefire way to make a blog boring, especially since I spent most of today working. I have spent 20 minutes thinking of something to say.

I did sew the sleeve seams for Candy, though - or at least, one of them. I cast off the neck yesterday. But I fear I will be unpicking that cast off and redoing the neckline, because it wants to continually fall off my shoulders at present. This may stall my project a little because I need to figure out how to get enough decreases in without (a) it reaching the top of my head before it gets narrow enough and (b) it looking weird and bunchy.

So, naturally, the best course of action to take was to cast on for something new - a Versatility, to be precise. I was so, so excited when this pattern was published that I wanted to go out and buy the yarn for it and cast on immediately. It has only taken me a year or so to get round to it. I'm going to skip the bobbles and include a 2x2 cable instead, I think.

I am knitting it in scrummy Araucania Azapa, in an oatmeal colour, which is truly luscious; however, I think I am the first person to notice that it is not 180ishm per skein, as it says on some labels, but actually 130ish, as it says on some others. I have edited the Rav page accordingly but I bet some people are going to be short for projects. So, I just wrote to Knitting Fever to complain, too. I think it's a bit rich to advertise it at the false, higher yardage.

I feel like I'm working for Watchdog, or something.

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