Sunday 1 November 2009

Haberdashery Haul

So, when I went to visit Sib in the Smoke last week, I set aside Friday for schlepping around such delightful shops as Loop and VV Rouleaux, and tracking down the Button Queen, which was recommended to me by Rosee from knitting group. I spent the whole day wandering around these places (oh well, and Oliver Bonas - but when you see a red and white polka dot doormat and you're me, you really have no choice but to go in and buy it).

Loop was lovely - lots of vintage dressers and baskets filled with yarn, jars filled with vintage buttons, and an eclectic shelving unit over one whole wall. I dithered for a very long time and eventually walked out with a skein of Jade Sapphire pure cashmere 6-ply in beige, which will become Mother Hand's Christmas gift, and a knitting magazine I hadn't been able to track down at home.

VV Rouleaux was a bit of a disappointment. I should preface that by saying that they had an extreme and delightful selection of ribbons, trims and other haberdasheries, and I don't think I have ever seen a broader choice. BUT. Having found their website difficult to navigate, I found their shop only marginally better - prices weren't always clearly displayed, which meant I ended up paying a lot more than expected for these beauties -

...which will become some sort of headpiece, along with some peacock feathers, for wearing to Christmas parties, I suspect.

I also wanted to get some shell trim. I've got it in mind to knit a lace panel in chunky yarn for the French windows, I think it will go with the art deco plans I have for lounge/dining room, and I wanted some shell fringing to go along the top. The shell trim is very expensive, and I hadn't measured for how much I needed. The shell trim on the website is discounted. Not in the shop, though.

However, there was some engraved shell trim with not much left on the card, so I decided I'd buy a metre and perhaps they'd give me whatever was leftover as a freebie, which often happens. But, it turned out, it was two pieces of 60cm, sellotaped together, and the second piece had broken shells, so that was a no-no. In fact, I came out with very little considering I spent nearly £30 and felt a little as though I'd been mugged. I don't think I'll be returning.

Onto the Button Queen, just round the corner. What an amazing find! Definitely my favourite shop of the day. I LOVED all the art deco vintage buttons and buckles, as well as the enormous amount of choice. I bought these -

...which are shoe buckles, but will be bag buckles I suspect, and were hands down favourite purchase of the day; and these -

...which will go on Mother Hand's Christmas gifts (I think I'll knit her a Tudora and matching handwarmers from a silk/wool blend in a similar colour); and these -

...which are Swarovski crystal and extremely extravagant, but LOOK HOW SHINY! I think I was sold when I picked one up and it steamed up in my warm hand. I have no idea what I'll use them on yet, and they're quite heavy so will require some though...but they're so lovely to look at.

And in case you wanted to see the aforementioned doormat - here's the mitten sitting on it. She likes to sleep on it...have you ever heard anything like it?!

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