Sunday 29 November 2009

A couple of videos from Malaysia

I finally got my computer switched on (having been relying on Mr Z's SuperMac all week) so I am currently uploading all my hundreds of pics to Flickr, and thought I would add a couple of videos here.

Firstly - here are the mooing frogs I wrote about on my first day -

Obviously, this is just a sound-based video. There's not a lot of voiceover from me, because there were some Malaysian kids nearby and I didn't want to seem like a total weirdo. I expect mooing frogs are totally normal if you live in Malaysia. The principal and his wife actually seemed quite embarrassed about it. Here's one of the beasts in close up -

Positively rabid, I tell you. This is the same one that tried creeping up on me when I was blogging at the fake Christmas party.

...and secondly, here is a video of the Petronas Towers at night, which I took as we were leaving the spectacular shopping centre in the base of them.

They really were worth seeing, in spite of the traffic horrors preceding the visit. Here's a picture of me pointing at them.

(My gappy tooth is not really as gappy as it looks here, I promise). I took pictures like this all over the place. I had to stop people from taking the camera off me to take a picture, by explaining it was the theme to my pictures. Benny's out, I'm afraid - pointing is in. Pointing is the new Benny.

Don't tell him that, though - bison can sulk like nobody's business.

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