Tuesday 24 November 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things It's Tough To Do With Jet Lag

1. Teach
2. Form coherent sentences
3. Knit (I know....horrifying)
4. Be pleasant and forgiving to your lift-share person when she tells you she can't drive all this week as promised because she has to take her car in for an MOT on Friday, and you've booked your car in to have the scary rattle fixed on Friday
5. Remember when you were told to input the year 8 data/understand why you haven't done it yet
6. Catch up on all the TV that's been recorded (I can't concentrate)
7. Return the phone call to the parent wanting to cancel the ski trip place (I'm sure she's going to argue with me about the money because we warned we wouldn't refund anything paid up to this point, and I just don't have any fighting spirit....I might write a letter instead)
8. Make interesting and witty blog posts
9. Upload holiday pictures to Flickr
10. Remember to put a title for your blog post

I think I should just give up and go to bed. It's very windy outside: just the sort of blustery evening that's best spent in bed, imo. I did sleep very well last night and felt quite with it all day, but then we got stuck in a traffic jam outside Bath because a tractor towing a trailer of 100 pigs was blown over and blocked the road, and by the time I got home I was fit for nowt.

Ramble, ramble....I promise, more effort tomorrow.

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