Friday 13 November 2009

Fave Friday

Five Favourite Things About Going Away

1. Packing. I'm not kidding. I'm an organisational geek. I like to lay out everything I'm taking, folded in piles on the bed(one for tops, one bottoms, one for dresses etc) and then decide when I will wear each piece, to ensure I don't overpack.

2. The airport/flight. That's not to say I don't enjoy other forms of transport - I must have rambled on about my unhealthy adoration for bus travel before; I really enjoy the process of being on the move. It appeals to my multitasking side: I am travelling AND knitting/reading/napping. But I love airports especially, and being on planes. Longhaul is good. I've hopped the pond so often, shorthaul feels like an anti-climax now. Oh, I'm such a jet-setter....*flicks hair affectedly*

3. Seeing a new place. Especially people watching, and looking around shops. I like going to foreign supermarkets: you can get a real feel for everyday life in them. Especially if you're nosing in other people's baskets.

4. A change in weather. Nowhere else has British weather; I like it, but sometimes it's nice to go somewhere where the weather is predictable. Like, I hear in Malaysia, it's 30 degrees with high humidity, and it rains every afternoon, but nobody cares because it's warm rain. That's great! I can totally pack for that - hot weather clothes + waterproof.

5. Taking pictures. I like to take a LOT of pictures, and then I get them home, put them on Flickr...and that's usually it. I'm determined to spend part of my Christmas holiday organising some pictures into albums, like the Life Laundry woman said. I think she probably meant it about real pictures, with negatives, which take up space, since digital pictures take up less room than albums. However, I get a real kick out of looking through my albums.

I had a brief moment of zen-like tranquility this morning, around 11.30, when I had finished all my cover and copied the entire trip file for my Head, and for about 30 minutes I allowed myseld to caper unreservedly.

Then the panic set it. OMG. What have I forgotten? What is going to go wrong? Supposing my passport is lost? ARGH I'VE LOST MY PHONE AND IT'S THE EMERGENCY CONT...oh here it is. I am going to be too hot. And other such irrationalities.
It has abated slightly now, that I have packed, but we'll see. This time tomorrow, I'll be on the plane.

I'll leave you with a picture I took before the autumn wind blew all the leaves off this pretty (but irritating) tree Mr Z is cultivating to grow right outside the front door. I think, though the glass, it looks almost like a painting. Lovely colours, at any rate.

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