Tuesday 10 November 2009

Tuesday Ten

Ten things on my mind

1. Fresh sheets. On the bed now, waiting for me. Am going to have trouble finishing this post.
2. Wow, that rhubarb and Greek yogurt I had earlier was delicious. I can't wait for rhubarb season to come round again.
3. This week is going to pass way too quickly.
4. I have to mark those essays in the morning or Megan in my year 12 class will give me the disappointed look again.
5. My foot hurts from driving the minibus for the first time all the way to the ski slope and back.
6. Thank goodness I didn't have an accident in the minibus.
7. Why did the minibus milometer say I had driven 190 miles when it is only 120 round trip?
8. I can't be bothered to clean my teeth (but I will because I am not a rebel in this respect)
9. My feet are cold; I wonder if I can sweet talk Mr Z into making me a hot water bottle.
10. OMG I can't believe I have to get up for work in 7 and a half hours.

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