Monday 30 November 2009

Weekend FO

I would just let myself down if I didn't post on the last day of November, wouldn't I? Especially when I actually have a FO, for the first time in over a month...

Pattern: Tudora, on Knitty
Yarn: Jade Sapphire 6-ply cashmere....mmmmm
Needle: 4mm Options
Mods: None, although I had plenty of yarn leftover and wish I'd made it a couple of rows taller. I suppose it can't be too tall to be a neck cuff, though. I haven't blocked it, either. I like the cables to look a little rustic.

This is for Mother Hand for Christmas. She requested a cream and red scarf, in the same vein as the one I made her last year, but I was way ahead of her and picked up this yarn at Loop when I visited Sib in October, along with the button, from the Button Queen. I have a similar shade of yarn and two more buttons, with which to make handwarmers, but I am not sure whether there will be enough time to sort that out for Christmas. We'll see.

In other knitting news, I am chipping along quite nicely with Versatility, although the Azapa sheds over everything it comes near to (including C's black trousers on the plane back from Malaysia, blush blush); and tonight I cast on for another star-crossed slouchy beret. I knitted one as part of my Big Hat Project last year; this morning, as I ran from house to car in driving rain without a hat for the umpteenth time this term, I bemoaned the fact that I have 30 odd hats on my projects page and not a single one left for wearing in the rain. So I wasted no time in casting on this evening in some delightful jade green Andean Silk I had lying around.

I'd have finished too, if I didn't have pesky work to do. Pesky work, tsk. I expect I will be able to finish it when the dentist makes me wait 45 minutes for my appointment tomorrow afternoon.

In work news....Ofsted are most definitely circling. They've reached the next town over. Some colleagues think next week. I am torn between wanting them in before Christmas so I can relax, and wanting them to come later when the behaviour is better. There are other reasons why later would be better, which are far too dull for me to go into.

Meh. I'll just make sure my G&T action chronology is up to date and keep marking everything I can see. Don't be surprised if I post pictures of the mitten with red tick marks on her tail next week.

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