Saturday 8 December 2018

Fave Friday

(Posted on Saturday, because gin).

On Friday we went to Hampton Court Palace on a school trip. I do love it very much. A great building with loads of interesting things to look at, plus gorgeous grounds full of swans and geese and deer and mistletoe, and this year a special food festival for Christmas, handing out free samples to the students all day long. Marvellous.

It poured with rain all the way there (causing a big leak on the coach, hence a lot of screaming and creative use of sanitary pads) but by lunchtime the sky was blue and the sun was shining, so we had a long walk around the grounds, too. Idyllic.

It's expensive, but if you think you could get to the other Historic Royal Palaces within a year then getting a membership is a great way of saving some money. I've used my membership four times so it has saved me over £50.

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