Friday 28 December 2018

Fave Friday

This frozen yogurt you can buy from machines and then add your own sprinkles to is a lovely treat for me. There used to be one on Bristol centre, called Pinkberry I think, but it sadly folded, and in any case, it is one of those things that America just does better. Not that better is actually better - as Mr Z pointed out, there may be 6 flavours available but it's all just coming out of one vat of frozen yogurt with flavoured corn syrup being doused over it on the way. Probably. However, the point of this is that it's patently extremely bad for you, whereas the UK version had this sense of virtuousness that didn't suit it. 

It always reminds me of my first visit to Jimmy Beans in Reno in 2009. There was the yarn store, a teacher supplies store and a frozen yogurt store, all on the same lot. They offered yellow cake flavour frozen yogurt and had special sprinkles in - fresh blueberries. I had yellow cake with blueberries and walnuts, two days in a row. I bought some blank dice that I have never used (though I am just now thinking of a good use for them, now that I remember they exist....can I find them, is the next question). The staff at Jimmy's let me rummage through their second storefront, which was all their mail order stock. It was a very happy time. 

We ate this, above, today at Bally's after playing mini golf. Yellow cake flavour again, but no fresh berries or walnuts this time. I'll keep hanging out for that perfect combination. 

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