Tuesday 25 December 2018

Tuesday Ten

Ten gifts of Christmas

1. A bottle of Chase Rhubarb and Bramley Apple gin, from Mother Hand.

2. A second bottle of gin from Mother Hand - Heston's hidden orange Christmas pudding flavour. Delightful. And a glass candle lamp in the shape of a star, which fits out new decor perfectly.

3. Two books of piano music from the Parents Z, who know I am trying to get back into piano playing, since we had the beast tuned in the summer.

4. A Listography book from Parpy Jo. I might use it as inspiration for Tuesday Ten next year.

5. A Hygge headband from Kath. Will be very useful for skiing, in particular.

6. Kath also bought me a string of watermelon fairy lights. Love, love, love.

7. Two hand-made Christmas tree ornaments and three tequila miniatures, from Naomi, in our Team Hums 'no cost to you' Secret Santa. We all had a budget of £0. It was really fun.

8. A mug saying 'DRINK' and a notebook saying 'Moments of Genius', from my other work Secret Santa.

9. And fluffy socks and a chocolate reindeer, from my tutor group Secret Santa. There were a lot of Secret Santas this year.

10. A Fitbit Charge 3 in grey and rose gold, as requested on the list, from Mr Z. Never let it be said that he does not listen/read.

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