Saturday 8 December 2018

Weeknote: 8/12

Work on the Santa jacket continues apace. I've just got the collar left to do and the buttons to add. In the end I went for a red button band with button holes. I thought, if I had to wait to get poppers to put on, it would never be finished.

My thoughts have already turned to what to knit next. I am thinking the top-down boat neck jumper in black with coloured stripes that I've been planning for some time. But, some pinwheels or felted flowers would be more portable for the long plane journey I've got coming up, and I did find another skein of green Cascade that could do with being tree-ed. Plus, this time of year, it needs to be something quick that I can just pick up and start.

Going to:
On Thursday morning I spent some time at another school in our academy chain, working with another middle leader who needs some coaching. I always love going to other schools and seeing other people do it, though it feels a little fraught over there at the moment. I get nervous about these things because it's hard to see myself as somebody who can mentor a colleague that is slightly above me on the food chain (or would be if we were in the same school) to success. But, the conversations were very positive and I feel like I can have a good impact.

On Friday I went to Hampton Court with school (as per the Fave Friday post). I have run very few day trips for school, weirdly, so I always get a bit agitated and nervous about it, but the students were a credit to us. They're such savvy city girls that I forget that they are still children and excited by new things. They were enthralled by the deer pack and several said that the gardens were their favourite bit - they just wanted to run around taking selfies against the privet hedges.

After returning from Hampton Court, I suggested we go for a quick drink. My working colleagues all had plans, but our PGCE student who is just finishing and the PGCE student we had in doing observations in my first year at this school (Charlotte) said they could come for one before going home to do their big assignments that are due on Monday. I got home at 2am. That was fun.

So much gin.

In spite of that, I made it to an RPM class at the leisure centre this morning. It's spin by another name. It was painful and I couldn't keep up, so just like spin always was, then. The instructor came over at the end and insisted I come back soon. Hmm. I might stick to Body Pump.

It's been a bakey week. On Wednesday, feeling overwhelmed by my workload, I threw together a sweet potato cheesecake using this recipe. I left out the nuts because Naomi is allergic, and I swamped the top with salted caramel instead of drizzling. It tasted good.

Today, in a fit of guilt about making Charlotte go drinking with me when she had such a busy weekend planned, I baked her a chocolate log that she needed for her Christmas party tomorrow afternoon. I made it to Mary Berry's recipe. I'm not overjoyed with it - I didn't get the rise I had hoped and the roll was not very tight so there's not much of a swirl, but it didn't crack, at least.

Entertained by:
I started watching Mrs Wilson, which has been interesting. All the legalities of finding out you're in a bigamous marriage after your husband dies - how tricky. 

I continue to read Outcasts of Time but I have fallen into bed exhausted most nights this week, so there hasn't been masses of reading. 

Ready for Christmas now. The tree is decorated. The advent calendar is being opened. I've got a Christmas night out and a carol concert this week. I could do with a break from work. It's nearly time.

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