Sunday 16 December 2018

Weekend WIP

I've nearly put to bed another skein of Cascade, working on purple flowers for the flower chair project.

In spite of feeling certain I made a note of it somewhere, I couldn't find a reference to how many flowers I can get out of a skein, so I now note that it is essentially five. I say essentially, because I have the bind off to do on the fifth rose and I'm not sure I have enough yarn left to finish it. Certainly the little ball you see is likely to be enough, but the yarn is meant to be held double and the other little ball is all used up. I might sub in a little of the leftover Noro Cash Iroha I used to make Mother Hand's hat - it's not the same colour but it's close. Either that or I'll bind off with a single strand.

Incidentally, I retrieved this skein of Cascade from inside a boot. I stuffed it into that boot during a school trip to Berlin, because I thought I might manage to get some knitting done at some point on the journey. That trip took place in February of 2016. I have good intentions but never enough time.

I think I might have run out of appropriately coloured Cascade now. Thankfully, just in time for my trip to the US - I can pick up some new skeins a bit cheaper than I can get them over here. I will probably put those in a boot to bring home and retrieve them in 2021.

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