Friday 21 December 2018

Mr B's book haul

Back in the autumn I contributed to the crowdfunder for Mr B's Emporium. I've never atcually been into Mr B's but have walked past it many times in Bath. I'd like to do their book club for a year, but I can't manage to get myself reading quickly enough to be able to keep up.

Contributing to their expansion crowdfunder seemed like a good way in, though. I contributed for a hero reward, which meant that I had to nominate a hero and they picked three books inspired by that hero, with a souvenir bag and bookmark. I originally thought I would pick Wonderwoman but, when the time came and I realised it didn't have to be someone fictional, I picked Michelle Obama. I am really keen to read her memoir and I find her very inspiring with all that, 'When they go low, we go high' rhetoric.

My book purchases finally arrived this week and I don't know where to begin! They all look very inviting. I will update when I read them. WHEN.

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