Sunday 16 December 2018

Weeknote: 15/12

I finished the baby Santa jacket, as per my FO post from Friday. It needs to be wrapped up and sent to its recipient now, before Christmas comes and goes. Hopefully she will give birth before the 25th, to allow for some cute picture taking.

Without a project for knitting group and in a fit of desperation yesterday, I pulled out a skein on Cascade and knitted some more roses for long-term rosy chair project. I was looking through the project notes and realised I started this in 2011. There really is no excuse for it taking as long as it has, other than that casting off 96 stitches each time is painfully boring.

Going to:
It's felt like a busy week.

On Wednesday, we had a Team Hums Christmas night out, painting pots at Kiln, just off Gloucester Rd. Thanks to them double booking us, we got all out pieces half price. I think everything will be ready to pick up some time this week. I attempted a vase in the style of Starry Night, and a couple of little dishes, one with a robin that looked suspiciously like a wrongly-coloured duck, and one red with stars on, though I glazed the bottom of it, which you're not meant to do (GCSE ceramics knowledge came back to me slightly too late to be helpful) so I am not sure what will happen to it.

On Thursday I spent the day at the university, doing PGCE mentor stuff. Always nice to hang out with other history teachers and read about history. I also enjoyed sampling a turmeric matcha latte from Pinkman's. I ended up with a bit of a headache because there's no actual coffee in there, as I understand it, but it was tasty and felt very worthy.

Afterwards I went for a drink with Charlotte and then on to the school carol concert, where I sang in staff choir. I am grateful I was singing because I think it sounded dreadful, but I couldn't hear it.

By Friday I was exhausted and very ready for the weekend. I've tried to keep busy but it has been a struggle. There's a lot of work I would like to have finished before term ends on Tuesday....we'll see.

Entertained by:
I continue to read the same book. I am a slow reader these days.

I very much enjoyed the Apprentice interview week episode on Wednesday. Some utterly cringeworthy moments and epic one-liners I can use in school - 'Crying is not what is required here.' The scene where Daniel eventually admitted he'd made up a stat on Amazon was like a scene in school - I can only find a clip on Twitter but it is worth the click. That and Camilla's 'Yoohoo' to Claude made me want to writhe around like a snake in embarrassment on their behalves. I quite like that everyone cried. The Apprentice is a bit of a sideshow now but interviews week is always excellent value.

Tired but not exhausted. I just want to get stuff done. I constantly feel like I don't have enough time to do everything I want to - even more so than usual. I wonder if this is because I'm planning to be away for part of the upcoming holiday.

Still, the house is much tidier and we're getting there with the cleaning and prepping for Mother Hand's arrival, followed by Christmas. Not long to go now. I'm feeling Christmassy.

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