Friday 14 December 2018

Fave Friday

The new curtains arrived and we put them up last weekend.

I am so pleased. I have been browsing the John Lewis fabric department off and on for years but had never come across this, and then it jumped out at me in half term and I knew right away it was the fabric for me. The robins! So many robins. It's Lorna Syson fabric and really the bullfinches would have gone better with our wallpaper, but I do love a robin.

I don't think you can beat a John Lewis curtain, either. They are pricey but last and last and last. Our bedroom curtains are still looking good, 14 years later, although the lining has started to disintegrate a bit - probably time to take them in for some mending. The robins are thermal lined and I'm already feeling the benefits in the living room.

I can now basically declare the living room finished. We could do with a piece of furniture to go in the corner, and maybe a new table and chairs, but that's just garnish.

My next project is the hallway and stairs flooring, built in cupboards under the stairs and bookcases upstairs. After that, who knows? Maybe we will begin again with our bedroom.

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