Sunday 30 December 2018

Weekend WIP


I'm seven stripes through a fifteen stripe sequence. At the moment I am just assuming each coloured stripe, combined with its grey rows underneath, is an inch, but I should probably actually measure it at some point.

Two things. Firstly, this is the same colour gradient I used for Wingspan and I duly grabbed the leftovers with a plan to use those up first, before winding the new mini skeins, but then when I was rifling through them I decided I must have dropped a few of the early colours because they didn't match. Then, later on, I went back to them and counted and I have 14 of the 15 colours, but none of them seem to match this gradient kit. I am really surprised, because the Moonlight woman looked haunted and said she was never dying this set again once the last kit had been sold, so I assumed she must have dyed them all at once.

Secondly, I have been a little concerned about the darker purples blending too well into the charcoal background and I've been wondering whether I should have knitted it with a pale background. Maybe even white. But, I can't easily wear white or pale grey (I spill) so this is probably for the best. I could maybe use the leftovers from the other gradient kit to knit it again with a paler colour later on. You know, because I have so much free time for knitting the same pattern over and over.

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