Tuesday 11 December 2018

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I'm looking forward to

1. Team Hums Christmas night out tomorrow. We're going to paint pots and drink prosecco.

2. School carol concert on Thursday. I love a carol concert and it's very handy that school just do one for us. My tutor group keep asking if they have to go. I have to avoid asking why they wouldn't want to, since I realise it makes me sound super old.

3. Faux Z Christmas on Saturday night. We're having our Christmas dinner early, so that we can still enjoy leftovers. I need to go and buy some cheese.

4. End of term and related night out. Of course.

5. Christmas night in with the girls. A tradition. We're having it at mine this year so that I can show off the new decor. I'm in the delightful snack-planning stage.

6. Mother Hand coming to stay. She was very ill the last time she stayed with us so I'm excited about her coming back now that she's better, and excited to see her reaction to said new decor.


8. Going to visit Father Hand in Vegas. Skiing. Going to see Lady Gaga. New Year's Eve fireworks. Seeing Max the dog. All so good.

9. The school ski trip. February half term is only 9 and a half weeks away, people!

10. A summer holiday to Copenhagen with Mother Hand. I don't have any other holidays booked yet so that is quite a long way in the future, but I am already excited about seeing a new country. Possibly two, if we get the train to Sweden. Mother Hand was most excited to realise this would involve crossing The Bridge, as in, The Bridge. That was a confusing conversation for a little while.

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