Saturday 1 December 2018

Weeknote: 1/12

I think I might actually finish the baby Santa jacket, my oldest WIP. I have been knitting the first sleeve all week and finished it today. Just the second sleeve to go. It is thrilling to get something so old finished. I am inspired to go back to my WIPs and finish them off, one by one - but we've been here before.

Going to:
I've had a couple of work meetings after school this week so have hit a couple of new-to-me places in the vicinity of Clifton. Firstly, Bakesmith's, which occupies the site of a restaurant I went to once for a leaving do when I was an NQT, and we accidentally ran out on the bill. We'd all paid a deposit and the bill they brought us was only for the extras, so we assumed the leaver had paid the balance. But, no. My friend Cath and I had a horribly guilty moment in the loo of the next place we went, but were too poor to go back and cover it.

Anyway, I digress. Bakesmith does a delicious turmeric milk for those of us that are embarrassingly sensitive to caffeine, and I also had a cherry and salted caramel Chelsea bun which certainly put a spring in my step. The other place we went for work purposes was the Alma Tavern, which do recommendable cheesy chips and didn't seem to mind us sharing two portions while we read top scoring A-level essays to see why they were so good.

I've also been to the ballet this week. The English National Ballet is back in Bristol with Swan Lake, so off I went with Parpy Jo. I really love the ENB because it comes with a full orchestra. Of course, I was disappointed not to be tapped up to dance the part of Odette after my beginner's ballet course, but I can't quite manage 32 fouettes yet so it was probably for the best. I did come home and watch this video about that move though, which I found quite interesting.

Tonight I've been to a Christmas nibbles party at my friend Naomi's. Very enjoyable.

Entertained by:
I haven't seen much on TV this week, but I did enjoy the ballet, obvs, and I have been enjoying listening to this song by Sigrid. She reminds of Le Roux, or Little Boots. I don't know why I like it so much, but I especially like the bit in the video when they are under sheets with fluorescent tubes. Utterly weird.

I'm continuing to read Outcasts of Time. They're into the 16th century now.

I've been in a TERRIBLE mood for most of the week and I've had a day of feeling a bit icky about having to build bridges with people that I was terse with at school. On my way home from work last night, I turned into my road to see a large van parked in the middle of it. This isn't uncommon, but he didn't move. After a while I got out of my car to ask if he was leaving. He suggested I park my car on the street until he'd finished. He used the phrase, 'If you'll let me finish...'
I don't think he will be using that phrase on anybody else in a hurry. Suffice to say, he moved very shortly after that.
Luckily I had a good long sleep last night so I am in a better mood today. Twelve school days left and one of those is a trip, and another a day at the uni. I can do this.

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