Tuesday 18 December 2018

Tuesday Ten

Since we broke up from work today, I'm trying to use the three final days of this week to clear the work decks, so I can have two weeks clear. It seems unlikely. But here goes -

Ten things on my to-do list

1. Make a start on the extra lesson planning job I've taken on for reasons I can no longer remember. I have to write 30 lesson plans...it's not getting done before Christmas. I'm aiming for 5.

2. Finish exam board extra job #1

3. Start and finish exam board extra job #2

4. Year 11 class 1 paper 1 mocks - mark them

5. Year 11 class 1 paper 3 mocks - mark them

6. Year 11 class 2 paper 1 mocks - mark them

7. Year 11 class 2 paper 3 mocks - mark them

(Don't feel bad for me. I have had them for two weeks, but then school said they didn't need the data until after Christmas so, of course, I didn't do them)

8. Go to Asda and do a food shop. All their delivery slots before Christmas are fully booked. I'll have to actually go there.

9. Go to Waitrose and M&S to buy festive nibbly bits for my friends coming round on Thursday night.

10. Buy my friends Christmas presents. Eek.

(Another post I wrote and then found, unposted, the next day. I really do need to get into the habit of finishing things.)

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