Thursday 27 December 2018

Throwback Thursday

Since we're currently in Vegas it has me thinking back to our previous times here, but most particularly 2001, when I was living here and Mr Z came to visit for the first time. This being the age of the birth of the digital camera, the pictures are poor quality and very few in number, but here are some.

My handle was Stardust, back in the old days when all this internet was just fields. I managed to get a couple of chips from this place, which has now sadly been pulled down. It was a good old-fashioned casino with the sign in the shape of a burgeoning mushroom cloud, as so many of them were - having witnessed lots of nuclear bomb detonations on the horizon, they were synonymous with the city. 

Me, the fringe and Father Hand on a walk around Red Rock. 

With both my parents, at Death Valley. 

Vegas looks pretty different these days. I know I have a cache of pictures somewhere from our previous visits, particularly in 2003, but I can't place my hands on them right now. It would be good to have a skyline picture to show how much that has changed. They're constantly blowing things up and rebuilding them. I watched a bit of Ruth and Eamonn do Vegas and had to chuckle at the suggestion that Fremont St and the downtown area was hit hard in the economic downturn. Well, maybe. But when I was living there it was already a little seedy and not the place to be. Its reinvention has been epic. 

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