Tuesday 4 December 2018

Tuesday Ten

Ten things I'd like for Christmas

1. More silk scarves. Now I'm experimenting with using them in my hair, a la Frida Kahlo, I'd like to have more variety. I quite like this one from Aspinall of London.

2. A new Fitbit. My old Fitbit died some time ago and I didn't replace it; but now I am trying to do more exercise I would quite like a new one. I fancy a Charge 3 in grey and rose gold.

3. Placemats. We don't have any place settings and now we're trying to eat at the table more regularly, the requirement for them has been noted. I'm kicking myself for not getting some lovely woven specimens in Peru last year.

4. The new Penguin biography of Henry VII. I can't remember when it's going to be published but I am tired of waiting now.

5. A PA. I have (whisper it quietly) asked my PGCE student to do a bit of photocopying for me now and again. Nothing major, just a few here and there, and only when he's asked if he can do anything to help. It would be life changing to have somebody do all that for me all the time. Just a few hours a week.

6. Chase Bramley Apple and Rhubarb gin. It's delightful. I tried some last month and I asked Mother Hand to treat me to it for Christmas, which she informed me yesterday, she has. Better get on with drinking up some of the other gin I've got.

7. More hooped earrings. I can't get enough of hooped earrings this year. I'd like some that don't go green by the 6th month of wear, though.

8. Speaking of jewellery, some more from Tatty Devine. I always receive compliments when I wear it. I am tempted by these earrings and this bunting necklace.

9. This set of glasses that builds up to look like a cactus. Functional and pretty - my favourite combination.

10. The newest Shardlake book. I usually get them for my Kindle but I fancy this one in real print, so I can savour it slowly and also give my students readings from it when we do Kett's Rebellion. I think it is set in the time of Kett, anyway.

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