Monday 14 November 2016

Blue Monday

Over the weekend I decided I would get out a knitted tank top I haven't worn in years. I shook it out and aired it on the banister until this morning, when I put it on, looked in the mirror appears to have been MOTHED. Great big hole, right in the front.

I am perplexed. It was right at the very bottom of the blanket box, under any number of bedding sets, and which has anti-moth devices scattered throughout...though, those are very old now, to be fair. Maybe time for some new ones.

Anyway, in horror I dug through until I found possibly my favourite blue knitted garment of all time and I wore it today, so I thought I would share it again as it is quite old now and I am not sure how long it will last with these rabid invisible moths infesting secret corners.

Incidentally it took me a long time to find these and I had to look at a lot of pictures of myself at a much younger age. That was traumatic to consider how much I have aged.

Anyway, I have never found yarn in a colour I have liked quite as much as this one. It was by a company I have never seen since called Yarn D'Amour who had a stall at the soggy Ravelry Day in Coventry in 2009. I cast this on right away.

I was so tight on yarn is is a little on the short side. It is aran weight and basically too warm to wear, ever. I wore it today over a long-sleeved cotton T-shirt, with a skirt and no tights and it was still too warm. It has felted under the arms - another reason it might not last much longer. But it is so soft I have been smoothing my torso for most of the day (probably starting some rumours about being pregnant) and THAT. COLOUR. Oooft.

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