Saturday 5 November 2016

Saturday Night Treever

During the summer tour this year Tutt and I went to Gardens by the Bay, a very large park complex built on reclaimed land in Singapore. We went for the night music show by these "trees"

They are actually massive exhausts for the biofuel generators that power the domes. Amazingingly cool. Singapore is just something else.

They also danced (or rather, their extensive lighting systems danced) to a 70s medley for 20 minutes.

It was completely surreal to watch in the tropical heat of a Friday night, but we had a great time. The place was crawling with people and it was a really fun atmosphere. Afterwards our taxi driver took us to an amazing hawker centre for dinner, which is also a very Singaporean thing to do. Want to see a picture of my dinner? Of course I took one.

Every type of food you can imagine. I think I might have got a bit stiffed on the price as I paid about $12 for this and Tutt's Chinese choice was much cheaper, but it was still the cheapest meal I ate in Singapore and it was absolutely delicious. No regrets.

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