Tuesday 29 November 2016

Tuesday Ten: The Avarice Edition

10 things I'd like for Christmas

1. A new cord coat, exactly like my old cord coat but not faded and with no loose buttons. Said cord coat is now 8 years old and has been through the washing machine several times, but there's no denying it looks its age. I have been hanging out for Boden to release it again, but not happened yet.
Really I should be asking Santa for a sensible long waterproof coat with a hood, but I haven't seen one I like.

2. Some L'Occitane Cherry Blossom shower gel. I got a mini one in my beauty box subscription one month this year and I love the scent, AND it hangs around for a while.

3. The perfect navy blue gel eyeliner. It doesn't exist. Shu Uemura did a great one which I am still mourning. All the others seem to have some sparkle or are the wrong colour blue.

4. That Marc Jacobs scarf I mentioned a few weeks ago. I might end up making this a present to myself.

5. A digital radio walkman, ideally one that is also an MP3 player. I haven't found one that does both yet. I think I must be searching for the wrong thing. I really miss Radio 4 on my journey home from work.

6. Some fancy headphones to go with my new radio MP3 device. Bose ones would be nice. I don't want to have to listen to people on the bus.

7. A Tiffany mini smile necklace in rose gold. I perused these in Singapore and they are lovely and understated. The chain was a smidge too short, though. I wonder if they do extensions. They are eye-wateringly expensive so I would hope they could be accommodating.

8. A fruit bowl for my office at work. I'm tired of keeping my fruit in a drawer.

9. Swarovski bracelet. This one, ideally. One of my A-level students works for them and is always rocking plenty of crystals - I love these bracelets. When they're not being worn they're like fascinating sparkly snakes.

10. A Bunnies and Zen yoga towel. I really, really do not need one of these - I already have two yoga towels which is excessive - but they are exceptionally cute. Even the twee ones.

Mr Z said he would get the decorations down very soon. I can't wait to get my robins back up. Robins are more a winter decoration than specifically Christmas, aren't they?

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