Monday 28 November 2016

Blue Monday

June 2015 turned out to be my last ever Murder Mystery weekend with my old school. It was my 11th, and made all the better by the fact it was taking place in June rather than March. It was knocked on the head this year because apparently enrichment for the more able is no longer desirable. Totes not bitter about this, as you can tell.

Part of what I loved about MM, other than the aforementioned enrichment, was the opportunity to hang out with colleagues and spend time talking to them about Stuff They Know. In school, outside of the department, people rarely talked about Stuff They Knew, preferring the more mundane entertainment of, how many times in a row can you get the ball in the cup, or how much is too much to spend on Lego? and the like. During the school day, when you're in the zone, isn't the best time to try and inspire colleagues with your knowledge.

MM, however, it the perfect time. Everyone is slightly giddy from lack of sleep and trying to make enough fake evidence to throw the kids off the scent of the murderer. Hence, we found ourselves (staff and students) crowded onto the lower field on Saturday night while Mr F the physics teacher told us all about what was happening in the sky.

It was a glorious sky, too. 10.30pm and there was still some dusk left in it.

There was a very bright star. Or was it a star? Mr F explained that this was actually two planets - Jupiter and Venus - converging in the sky so that they shone doubly bright.  This is a very rare occurrence.

Of course, this sort of thing is very tricky to catch with a phone camera but I did my best. Very blue. One of those perfect midsummer evenings.

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