Tuesday 1 November 2016

Tuesday Ten

Ten things about noro virus

1. When your husband wakes up with it on Saturday morning, know that there is no hope for you.
2. Even staying at a hotel on the Saturday night (this was pre-arranged, not due to the noro) won't help.
3. You may choose to not eat anything for two days in an attempt to fend off the evil bug. This might work, if you avoid eating until you are actually hungry.
4. If you eat an omelette and some cake on Monday night, be prepared to see it again 4-6 hours later.
5. And 6-8 hours later.
6. And 8-10 hours later.
7. Drink water where you can and sleep as much as possible. I slept for the entire day of Tuesday.
8. If you get time between your spouse getting it and coming down with it yourself, make your life a little more pleasant by bleaching the whole bathroom and changing the bedsheets before you succumb.
9. Be prepared to feel very weak afterwards. "You could knock me down with a wet kitten," Mr Z commented.
10. It's very hard to blog when you've got noro. Creativity goes out of the window. So you end up writing about the illness.

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