Thursday 3 November 2016

Throwback Thursday

I went to a school reunion a few weeks ago. As well as a very detailed tour of the upper school, we also had the opportunity to visit the junior school, which is on the site of a large old home with beautiful grounds. Even though lots of those grounds have been built on as the school has grown, it was most satisfying to see the lawn where we used to play in the big red barrels; the temple and the dell - an achingly mysterious chamber and passage dug underneath the temple which was presumably only ever meant to be a very dull storage place or potting shed; and the rockery-lined paths where we used to play shop and where a friend fell over and broke her nose when we were running away one from something imagined one day. We were sadly not friends again afterwards.

Most exciting of all though was seeing the giant rock under the tree which we used for sliding. This represents one of my oldest memories. When I visited this school to look round, we were taken on a tour and I was given the chance to slide down this rock. It was like the biggest rollercoaster ride ever (I was 4).

It sadly did not last so long now I am 5 foot 8, but I was overjoyed to see it was still there. Decades of overjoyed little girls have polished this thing smooth.

NB: Zoe took this picture. If she finds it and I haven't credited her she is bound to be annoyed. She took this one too: a favourite of the day. Two of my oldest friends!

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