Wednesday 16 November 2016

Today I wish I was... to motivate myself to complete urgent work in a timely fashion.

I've had a good day. Across my four lessons I had two assessments (low energy for me) and an observation that I totally bossed. I had a meeting after school which, though it was an hour long, was invigorating. I had delightful feedback on my observation from my line manager, who was so excited she talked for 45 minutes.

I am fed, I am watered, I have had relaxation time in front of the TV and a refreshing shower. Yet I have been sitting at my desk since 9.08pm and I have yet to do any work. I have a set of books I have to mark for tomorrow and a sixth form lesson to plan for period 1. On Mary I. I don't know much about Mary I. I slept for 5 hours and 57 minutes last night. If I don't improve on that tonight, I am not going to be especially nice tomorrow.

Yet I'm still sitting here, whiling away the time. Where does my motivation go? Why didn't I mark them in the assessment time? Why didn't I plan tomorrow's lesson in my free? Why am I still here beating myself up about it?

It is a daily struggle, you know. I need a doing-work-at-9pm strategy. Happily accepting ideas.

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