Sunday 20 November 2016

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

I am a big fan of Strictly and its American cousin, which used to be shown on Watch but sadly is very tricky to get hold of now. I tend to watch back some of my favourite dances if I need a little break between evening marking or as a cheering up strategy, so I thought I would share my favourites from this season to make them easier to find.

I loved the Blackpool episode. It's so much grander in that ballroom, somehow.

Dance of the night for me was Ore and Joanne. I just loved the style of it, I think. Viennese waltz doesn't normally do it for me but I liked the glamour and Vegas overtones and I really liked all the slow-motion stuff with the other dancers. In fact, I had to watch it a few times so I could have a good look at what everyone was doing.

It's not getting a great deal of love from the commenters, many of whom think that it wasn't worth three 10s. Humbug. There's a lot of guff about a 10 having to be perfect. This makes me think of when I very first started marking for the exam board and we had it hammered into us that an answer does not have to be perfect to score full marks: it just has to tick all the boxes. This is surely the same. I mean, these are not professional dancers: making it perfect is all but impossible.

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