Saturday 26 November 2016

Strictly: My Dance of the Night

I hesitate with Danny Mac, because surely he had some dance training before? Stage school, and so on. But then I decided that might put me in the same boat as all the people I see complaining that Ed Balls needs to be voted off because it's a dancing competition. No, it's an entertainment show.

Anyway, the samba Danny and Oti did this week was jaw-dropping and I loved it. No surprise that it was the first full-scoring samba ever on Strictly.


As for the others: I really enjoyed the waltz, even though I don't usually, and I felt very sorry for my personal favourite Claudia, holding back the tears as she failed to get a 10 again. She must be wondering what else she needs to do. Might have actually voted for her this week: got to support the local girl.

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