Thursday 10 November 2016

Throwback Thursday

Throwing back all the way to my diary from 1993 today, which offers this little gem...

Lost in bowling again today - I am just doing really badly. In chemistry, [head of science] sat in on [crap chemistry teacher]'s lesson, who was being SO FAKE. At the beginning, she told us not to take notes because she'd give us a typed sheet at the end, and every five minutes it was: "Has anyone got any questions?" or "Does everyone understand?" Lisa forgot her overall but she didn't even get detention! It annoys me a bit, that she can get away with being nice once in a blue moon.
In biology we planned our assessed practicals - testing biscuits for sugar. Venice meeting.

Bowling was our PE option. I never got any better. In hindsight, I think the actual PE part was the 45 minute round trip walking to the bowling alley.

Crap chemistry teacher was dire and this entry has made me laugh wryly with my teacher knowledge. Several of my classmates left for another sixth form after being allocated her for A-level, such was the level of incompetence she demonstrated during our studies lower down the school. My diaries are littered with some serious shade about her. In the yearbook I put together at the end of sixth form, a lot of people slated her in their questionnaires; with the thoughtlessness of a teenager I put in every last shady word, partly because school refused to give me faculty assistance with it so I thought I wouldn't bother to censor it. I later heard she had not taken it well, which I still feel a little guilty about.

She was dreadful, though.

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