Saturday 19 November 2016

End of Year Goals

I went back to my faithful prompts today for some inspiration and they suggested I think about...

What do you hope happens by the end of this year?

1. Write that outline.
2. Mock up those spreads.
3. Finish those questions (these are all non-work work things that I keep forgetting are on my list).
4. Decide on a summer holiday or three.
5. Change my Easter skiing accommodation to the area where my friends are going.
6. Reorganise my yarn stash....again. Always a delightful holiday job.
7. Mark the coursework I didn't finish marking from my old job (BLUSH).
8. Finish my current jumper and knit another one. Preferably another two.
9. Do my tax return.
10. Get to 127 blog posts.

At least there are some nice ones on there.

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