Friday 18 November 2016

Silver Linings

This week, I have been particularly trying to see the silver linings and repay negativity with kindness - I know this sounds like some hippy pretentiousness but I was inspired by the article I mentioned last weekend about being kind to everyone.

Today felt like a few silver linings happened. It has been a week of little sleep - I still can't adjust myself to going to bed earlier even though I am getting up earlier, so my Fitbit tells me I have averaged a tragic 6hrs 14mins a night this week. I am tired. It is dark. I was grouchy. So I made an extra effort today.

I forgot to eat my breakfast.
But this means I now have a good breakfast sitting in the fridge ready-prepared for tomorrow (it's chia seed pudding...hmm. Maybe I actually am a hippy).

I missed my Y11 lesson because they were in a Science test and I hadn't been taken for cover - except then I was taken, because an English teacher went home sick, 45 minutes before the lesson. I think that is a bit of karma for being a bit sniffy with the cover lady yesterday (long story). And when I turned up for the lesson, the power went off and school network went down, so I couldn't access the cover work.
But this meant I wasn't distracted by the internet, and the students were delightful and I had nowhere to go for an hour, so I marked a whole set of books that would have had to come home with me this weekend AND made a start on my y12 essays.

I went to the pub for a drink after work and delaying my journey by half an hour meant I got caught in the pouring rain and was soaked to the skin.
But the extra walk pushed me over my step target for the day and I found an excuse to buy a new coat and maybe also new boots.

Silver linings, people! I feel very positive. And tired. Very tired.

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