Sunday 13 November 2016

Weekend WIP

I'm finally onto stripey sleeves.

I started binding off the body on Monday night but it took me until Thursday to finish, thanks to a few busy evenings. I knitted 34 stripes on the body and added 10 rows of ribbing at the bottom. This used one skein of lilac, one and a bit skeins of pink and about two thirds of each of the individual skeins. Interestingly it seems to have used more of the purple than the fawn, so it will be fun to see how far I get on the sleeves. I am naturally doing them two at a time so this should help me avoid lack of symmetry.

I am 17 stripes into the sleeves (including the raglan part) and the one I am using for inspiration on Ravelry has 40 stripes. I think 40 might be too long, particularly seeing as she did 36 stripes for the body and I only did 34. Another 17 will hopefully do it.

My mind has already turned to buttons. I have a few options. I have six lovely lilac dichroic glass numbers I picked up at Wonderwool last year, which might work but might be too small. I also have these from (I think) Wonderwool 2010:

Which, now I come to look at it are very similar to these that I bought at Wonderwool in 2015:

Hmm. This revelation might scupper my plans a bit. If I have 11 buttons the same, maybe I should save them for something needing 11 buttons. I am plotting a black Central Park Hoody for my next project and they might work better on that.

Cannot believe I bought two cards of the same buttons, five years apart. Even worse that I have only just realised. Further encouragement to go on a buying fast next year.

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