Saturday 12 November 2016

Chores I hate

I was groping around for what to write about today so I went and looked up some writing prompts from a previous year of NaBloPoMo. Hence, today -

If you had a personal assistant who would do your most dreaded tasks, which items from your to-do list would you assign out?

So, I'm assuming that this list cannot include anything I need to do for my job and therefore ticking and flicking marking cannot be added to it.

What else?

Folding and putting away clean clothes. I hate this job. This means that, particularly in winter, the downstairs of the house looks like a launderette as clean clothes are just strewn all over the place. Then there are usually a couple of piles on the bedroom floor from when I've put the clean washing on the bed and often sorted and folded it, but then not done the putting away and it gets swept off the bed for bedtime and the mitten ends up sleeping on it for a week.
I often wonder if I had fewer clothes or more storage, if this job would be less off-putting. The jury's out.

Recycling. I would estimate that 5-10% of items in the house are actual, literal rubbish that is waiting to be put out on the right day for recycling. Mr Z does this job but his heart is not in it, so it's more of a conveyer belt that transports a few things out every so often rather than a purge effect. Then there are the boxes that are waiting to go to the tip, plus all the rubbish in the garden that we both just pretend isn't there...

All car-related admin. I just can't be bothered with sorting out MOTs and services. I try to arrange them for the holidays, while I am away.

My taxes. Actually considering getting an accountant for this year because the novelty of doing them on Boxing Day with a very large G&T and a plate of cheese has definitely worn off. The problem with passing the job on is that they might expect me to have actual records, as opposed to a spreadsheet that only makes sense to me.

Organising my social calendar. Then I might actually have one.

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