Tuesday 22 November 2016

Tuesday Ten

Ten ways I like to celebrate

1. Prosecco. I always keep a bottle in the fridge in case there is an emergency celebration. It was very handy the day that Gove was shuffled out of the DfE.

2. Cake and ice cream. Well, any dessert, really. I like the fact that going out for dessert is now A Thing, thanks to the rise of the ice cream/dessert parlour.

3. Balloons. Nothing says celebration like a helium balloon, does it? You're never too old. I love a helium balloon.

4. Cocktails. The Canary Gin Bar in Bath is my favourite place, narrowly followed by the Dark Horse. I think the Canary wins because the cheeky barman calls me miss instead of madam. Who doesn't like to have their ego massaged, albeit with blatant chicanery, when one is celebrating?
I found out last week that there is a coffee shop next door to school that has a gin counter. Hmm.

5. High fives. I don't care how out of date they are, I still love a good high five.

6. Sharing the news on social media. I like telling people I rarely see: it is nice to get their congratulations (and I like the reminder of the anniversary when I look at Timehop).

7. Victory lap/victory dance (had to say victory twice so it did not look like victory lap dance). I do tend to save this one for when I am celebrating on my own, but I have been known to get up and run around the classroom cheering myself when I finish marking a set of books. Hey, you have to take the celebrations where you can get them.

8. Rewarding with time. Just finished a big project? Take the weekend off. Please feel free to go and sit in a coffee shop with no marking, stay at knitting group all day on Saturday, take a yoga class on Sunday and binge watch four episodes of something in the afternoon. Bonus points for managing to spend a period of 24 hours in pyjamas.

9. Pictures. I like having them to look back on, like the social media.

10. You knew this was coming, right? - a gin and a nap.

(Unbelievably, I wrote this whole post on Tuesday night - and it was a labour of love: more difficult to think of 10 ways I celebrate than I thought. Then I forgot to post it! I blame Mary I and her foreign policy. I spent so long trying to get my head around it that I got distracted. So back-dating. Not cheating, promise.)

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