Sunday 27 November 2016

Weekend WIP

I have finished the sleeves and picked up for the button band: very nearly there. No picture because the whole thing is all bunched up on the needle for the neckband now, but it is a lovely fit and feels very warm.

The purple made it through to the final stripe but with absolutely nothing to spare. I actually had to cut the remainder in half and knot it onto the end for one sleeve (I know, KNOT....ugh) and was still left with an end that I am going to struggle to weave in. But I made it.

As for the rest, I have used almost the entire second skein of pink and have only a few metres of the fawn colour left, and quite a lot of lilac - about a third of a skein. I will probably use that to neaten up the sleeves where the colour changes have left them looking wonky. Will see what it looks like after blocking.

Upon hauling out the buttons I realised that the identical set I thought I had were actually very miniature versions, so I had no qualms about using the original set. I toyed with the idea of using these blue shell buttons instead, as they are so lovely -

But I think the silver ones will work best, and the Ravelry consensus agreed with me. I have made the cuffs double length with a thumb hole, so I can button them back onto the little silver ones. Love it.

I am really hopeful about finishing this during the week this week. I know I had good intentions last week but it really was a marathon of work weeks and I didn't have any knitting time. This week should be different, hopefully.

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