Sunday 6 November 2016

Old friends catch up

I had dinner last night with my old school friends Zoe and Leila. I was reflecting on how, "I'm going out with Zoe and Leila" was something that happened at least once a week throughout my sixth form years and how long it has been since I said it: at least eight years since I saw Leila, although Zoe has popped up a bit more over the years.

We relived old times, old outfits, old scandals and old relationships, like catching-up pros. It was so lovely to spend some time in their company again! Leila has been a very successful business woman for most of her adult life but is now raising her daughter and doing a much easier job close to home so she can appreciate some quality of life. She's planning to start her own business however; with Zoe just starting a career as a teacher and me just starting a new exam job it does feel a little like we are all starting out all over again, only with some very significant differences from our 18 year old selves.


(Much discussion was had about how all our favourite, and less preferred, 90s styles are back in the shops now, by the way, particularly my very favourite A-line button through skirts. I'm very familiar with the phrase, "If you're old enough to remember it the first time you're too old to wear it the second time" but I have never quite appreciated it until now.)


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