Tuesday 8 November 2016

Tuesday Ten

Ten places I want to visit

1. Machu Picchu. Made slightly easier now Sib has a Peruvian girlfriend.
2. Hawaii for the tropical location and the epic history.
3. The Falklands - I am fascinated by how difficult it is to get there. There are a lot of sheep there too. Good knitting yarn, I'm sure.
4. The Antarctic. If I'm to visit every continent I'm going to have to tick it off at some point. I hear there are cruises.
5. Santorini. I need to see those famous white cupolas with my own eyes.
6. Kenya. I hanker after a stay at the giraffe hotel.
7. The ski resorts of Lake Tahoe. If we're being honest, I'd like to visit any of the ski resorts in America or Canada (Whistler seems to be not too shabby) just to see what it's like to ski outside of Europe.
8. Southern Spain. I fancy Seville, Granada, the Alhambra...
9. Split. I'd like to see a lot more of the Adriatic in general, to be honest. It's been lovely on every visit.
10. Skomer. Mr Z and I have been mildly obsessed with Skomer since watching a nature documentary about the amount of rabbits that live there. They chase off marauding seagulls and everything. And now I see there is a hostel there! Maybe next summer...next summer will need to be the summer of epic holidays, even more than before.

I first wrote this list in 2010. It was very interesting going back to look at it and being please to be able to tick off Iceland, Budapest, Ayers Rock and Rome etc. I've bumped the Maldives: stunning though I am sure they are, I'm not sure they're for me. Funny how tastes change - when I was a good deal younger I used to say I would never get married until I could afford a honeymoon to the Maldives.

Brazil, Alaska, Bucharest and the lakes are still on my list, by the way. Just slightly outside the top ten.


Kat said...

Lots of sheep on the Falklands and good yarn (though hard to get there). Not difficult to get to, only pricey - the RAF will fly you from Brize Norton as a private passenger on their normal flights (twice a week).

Sally said...

I've a friend who went from Brize Norton who said there was a pretty miserable stopover on Ascension Island, and that the flight was dull and not very comfortable, but that it was still way quicker than going via Chile.
If there's not much yarn though, there seems to be less point in going to all the effort!